Pronutz - Savory Value 8 Pack

Pronutz - Savory Value 8 Pack

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Going Nuts? Us Too, Especially Over These Tasty Shelled Green Beauties
Nuts like pistachios are a great snacking alternative to junk food such as a bag of chips, but just like a plain potato chip, plain pistachios also become a boring option to satisfy those munchies.
ProNutz has a better way to enjoy a healthy, yet savory snack with seasoned pistachios. Packaged with no shells, you might just be surprised by how fast you can finish a bag! ProNutz uses pistachios grown in Bakersfield, California
Heart healthy, certified by the American heart association's food certification program
Vegan flavors available
No Preservatives; no artificial anything

Habanero Balsamic - 2

BBQ - 2

Smoked Gouda - 2

Salted Roasted - 2