Shauna A. is on a mission to change the way people snack. She is the founder and CEO of ProNutz. What started off as a homemade snack in 2013 has grown into an all women owned company that grows and produces its pistachios on their family owned California farm. ProNutz products are made with a dedication to health and taste.

Each of the 7 flavors are packed with probiotics. All of ProNutz products are gluten free with no GMO, preservatives, or artificial anything. If you are craving salty or sweet, we have both and it taste delicious!


Pistachios have a history of being the go to snack for many people. In the industry of nut based snacks, our company has found a unique way to combine taste and health in all our products. ProNutz is the only company that packs probiotics into each of our delicious pistachios. Each of the 7 flavored pistachio products from the original Yogurt and Milk Chocolate all the way to the plain Salted Roasted, have added probiotics.

You can find ProNutz across the US as well as Canada and Japan. 

From Our Farms, To Your Homes, With Love from ProNutz